Presentation of the Library of Leopold Singer

On 4 October 2017 an exhibition on the library of Dr. Leopold Singer will open at the Technical Museum as an extension to the permanent exhibition “Oil and Gas”.

Dr. Leopold Singer was one of the foremost European experts on petroleum engineering. He managed several refineries in Romania, Bohemia and Germany and advised the Technical Museum Vienna in its founding phase on the public exhibition about petrochemistry. He also played a decisive role in the development of the standard work “Das Erdöl”.

Following the flight of the Singer family in 1938 the library was confiscated by the Secret State Police and later purchased by the former University of World Trade. Within the scope of intensive provenance research carried out by the Vienna University of Economics, 620 works from Singer’s specialist library were able to be restituted to his heirs. In 2016 the Singer family left the books from the library to the Technical Museum. The exhibition was created with the support of the National Fund and the University of Economics, Vienna. 

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The library of Dr. Leopold Singer at the Technical Museum Vienna