New Research Database Proveana

The research database Proveana is a project of the German Lost Art Fundation, which aims to facilitate provenance research by documenting historical information and also to make it more transparent.
The research database is aimed not only at provenance researchers from museums, collections, libraries and other researchers, but also directly at victims of cultural property theft and their descendants.
The results of previous DZK research projects and data on provenance research in the Gurlitt case have been documented, processed and made publicly accessible. In addition, the new research database also provides access to information from the Lost Art Database also operated by the German Lost Art Fundation.
Proveana comprises four research areas: cultural property relocated as a result of the war ("loot"), cultural property confiscated in the Soviet occupation zone and the GDR, as well as cultural and collection items from colonial contexts and cultural property confiscated as a result of Nazi persecution ("Nazi looted property"). The latter includes works of art, books and other cultural assets that were confiscated from their owners between 1933 and 1945 due to National Socialist persecution.
The information contained in Proveana is entered into the database on the basis of the research reports and, if necessary, supplemented by an editorial team with additional information and structurally adapted. Scientific guidelines apply to the publication of the information, which is also subject to a data protection check.
The database is freely accessible. However, the creation of a user account enables extended access. Users can narrow down their search by categories such as provenance features, research projects, events, archival records.
According to the German Minister of State for Culture, Monika Grütters, this database is a "milestone in provenance research and a major step forward in the investigation of the Nazi cultural theft".

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