The catalogues of the Weinmüller Auction House online at Lost Art Database

The database Lost Art enables all surviving catalogues of the Weinmüller Auction House from the years 1936 to 1944 to be viewed by the public. It contains information from 93 annotated catalogues, i.e. catalogues containing handwritten notes stating the consignor, sale price and buyer. They provide comprehensive coverage of 33 auctions by the House of Weinmüller from 1936 to 1943 and - to a large extent - the 18 auctions in Vienna up to 1944.

As documents, they provide detailed information on the earlier provenance of the artworks. These business records were discovered in a steel cupboard at the Munich auction house Neumeister in early 2013. This ist the first time that private business documents of this kind have been published online.