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Provenance researcher

Mag.a Monika Mayer
Mag.a Katinka Gratzer-Baumgärtner

The staff of the archive have been conducting research into the provenance of the Belvedere’s holdings since 1998. Since 1999, 77 provenance dossiers and a provenance report on the library’s holdings have been submitted to the Art Restitution Advisory Board. To date around 60 objects have been returned.   

As a matter of principle, the Belvedere’s provenance researchers examine every work of art that was acquired by the museum since 1933 and created before 1945. The contents of this holding, which comprises around 5,000 paintings, sculptures and graphics, were recorded in an in-house database, which enabled archival and literary research to be retraceable and works that had been examined to be classified according to the categories “unquestionable”, “questionable” and “uncertain” provenance. The database, which also contains sensitive data, is merely used to assist the in-house provenance researchers in their work and is not available to the public.