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Provenance research


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Mag. Markus Stumpf, MSc

In 2004, Vienna University Library (Vienna UL) started a project on provenance research. It was the first university library in Austria to do so. Vienna UL decided to proceed in accordance with the Art Restitution Act (Federal Law Gazette I 181/1998; Federal Law Gazette I 117/2009) although this act does not strictly speaking apply to the library's holdings. From 2004 to 2008 a research project looked into problematic acquisitions in the Main Library that had occurred in the context of the National Socialist policies of persecution and dispossession. From 2005 to 2009 a second project examined departmental libraries and branch libraries of Vienna UL.

In 2010 NS-Provenance Research was established as a permanent work group of Vienna UL. Since 2014 the NS-Provenance Research work group has been tasked with researching the collections of Vienna University in addition to the ongoing research of the holdings of Vienna UL.

So far approximately 400,000 volumes have been examined and a number of holdings have been identified as problematic and thus relevant for future research. Since 2009 several restitutions have taken place.

The results of this process can be accessed via the online catalogue of Vienna UL.

More information on the progress of our NS provenance research, on our activities and on our publications can be found on our website.