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Provenance research


Provenance researcher

Univ.Prof. Dr. Michael John
Univ.Ass. Dr. Birgit Kirchmayr
Dr. Friedrich Buchmayr

The Upper Austrian Provincial Museums have been carrying out provenance research since 1999. After an initial internal report had been compiled in the year 2000, the University of Linz was commissioned to carry out a research project on the subject of looted art and restitution in Upper Austria. Upon conclusion of the project, numerous objects were restituted; objects of unknown origin were published on the homepage http://www.landesmuseum.at/ueber/provenienzforschung/ and in a separate publication.

The Upper Austrian Provincial Museums have now conveyed to the National Fund a list of art and cultural objects in order that they may be included in the art database. These objects mainly consist of objects that the Provincial Museum had taken over from the holdings of the American “Collecting Point Administration” in the early 1950s. The paintings concerned originally belonged to the holdings of the “Special Commission Linz” and for the most part had been acquired through the German art trade. Additionally, drawings were published which had been brought to the Provincial Museum by the local Gestapo in 1939.

The Institute for Social and Economic History at the Johannes Kepler University Linz was commissioned with the project, led by university professor Dr. Michael John. He was assisted by university assistant Dr. Birgit Kirchmayr (Institute for Recent and Contemporary History, Johannes Kepler University) and Dr. Friedrich Buchmayr (library of the St. Florian Monastery).

Director: HR Dr. Gerhard Aubrecht