Valley bottom with trees, rocks and sheeps in the foreground

Restitution status: Return to the heirs has occurred

Categories: Drawings / Pen-and-ink drawings

Object Data




Inventory Number



Pen-and-ink drawing in grey and brown, over pencil, on brownish paper, around 1840, stamp: Boguslaw Jolles (Lugt number 381, bottom right), labelled bottom right: 'röthlich glühend die hintern Felsen. gediegene < ? > Farbe. Vordergrund Kraft und Sa < ft? - cut off > Hie da braungoldige Blättchen am Mittelfelsen. oben braungrauliche klare Reflektion gebirge klare Abendluft Hopfenranken a den Feldern junge < ... > zweige' (Pen-and-ink drawing in black-brown)


23.2 cm


34.6 cm




1st half of the 19th Century

Provenance Data


Former owner according to museum / collection

Berolzheimer, Michael


Acquisition from the art market/antique shop

Provenance according to museum / collection

Boguslaw Jolles (Lugt number 381, bottom right), Michael Berolzheimer, Munich, acquired at auction, Auction House Adolf Weinmüller, Munich, 9 to 10 March 1939, lot 550


Art Restitution Advisory Board


The art restitution case is closed.


The committee in charge has recommended if possible to restore the art or cultural object, if owners or their legal successors can be established.

Committee in charge

Federal Ministry for Arts, Culture, Civil Service and Sport


The body in charge has decided to restore the art or cultural object to the owners or their legal successors.


The art or cultural object was restituted to the owners or their legal successors.


In its meeting of 14 March 2001 the Advisory Board unanimously reached the following decision: The Advisory Board recommends to the Federal Minister for Education, the Arts and Culture that the hereinafter called art objects from the graphic collection of the Albertina be handed over to the heirs of Michael Berolzheimer.The object was handed over to the heirs on August 6, 2010.

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