Opera glasses

Restitution status: No heirs to be found - utilization by the National Fund

Categories: Further categories / Further kinds of objects

Object Data




Inventory Number

Kulturhistorische Sammlung *2.261


Binoculars with adjustable middlehinge made of brass, gilded, mother-of-pearl, pearls, enamel. Oculars with enameled, beaded medaillions, mother-of-pearl handle. On the border of the eye lens 'par brevet d` invention'. France, around 1820


Brass, Mother-of-pearl, Further kinds of material


4.5 cm


11.5 cm


1st half of the 19th Century

Provenance Data


Former owner according to museum / collection

Spira collection ?


Means of acquisition not clear

Provenance according to museum / collection

This object first appeared in the inventory of the historico-cultural collection in 1977 with the memo 'old holdings, in the museum (relocation) since 1941/43'. According to a list compiled in 1939, objects from the Spira collection had been handed over to the Museum of Cultural History and Applied Arts by the Gestapo. On the basis of an object description, it could be an item from the Spira collection.

Committee in charge

Styrian Provincial Government


The body in charge has decided to hand over the art or cultural object to the National Fund for utilization.


The art or cultural object was utilized by the National Fund.

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