Pipe head with water bag

Restitution status: Dubiousness is still to be clarified

Categories: Arts and crafts / Further kinds of arts and crafts

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Pipe head with intricate carvings, on the front the guild mark of the millers and millers' tools. Two crowned lions standing on their hind legs hold a six-pronged cog (cogwheel), under each of the lions is a wooden bucket (cereals measure) and between them a cereals shovel. Above the cog is an open compass, to the left a brush, to the right an unknown object, above them in the center a crown. On the rear spiraled curving vines. On the pipe head at the top a pewter mounting with a ring and flat, smooth hinged lid with a rounded seal, at the edge of the border barely legible hallmark, possible "6S", underside of lid contains the hallmark monogram "GL". The lower end of the pipe head reinforced with sheet brass fitting. Pipe elbow joint, so-called water bag, with ornamental flat carving with leaf motifs and pewter mount, rear casing with a ring.    


19 cm


4.5 cm


18th Century

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Acquisition from the art market/antique shop

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Acquired from Viktor Reitzner


No decision has been reached so far.


The art or cultural object is kept in the museum/in the collection.

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