Bread stamp (procura stamp)

Restitution status: Dubiousness is still to be clarified

Categories: Arts and crafts / Further kinds of arts and crafts

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Procura stamp made from lime wood; disc with 13 cm diameter with a Greek cross comprising five fields with chip carving with the negative inscription IC . XC . NI . KA, the right field with the monogram of the Virgin Mary, the left field with the sign of the saints (nine triangles = nine groups of saints); bundles of beams in the corners of the cross in chip carving. On the reverse is a square handle with a small procura stamp IC . XC. NI . KA. Athos ?, Greece.


3.3 cm


13 cm


20th Century

Provenance Data


Former owner according to museum / collection



Means of acquisition not clear

Provenance according to museum / collection

Collection of Greek embroidery and wood carvings, Arthur Haberlandt from Athens

Committee in charge

Board of the Society for Folk Life and Folk Art


No decision has been reached so far.


The art or cultural object is kept in the museum/in the collection.


The procurement of this object in Athens by Director Arthur Haberlandt and its transport was only made possible by the German Embassy in Athens. However, no documentary evidence exists to prove its provenance or any form of payment. Therefore, this object is to be considered looted/expropriated.

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