Ladies' skirt

Restitution status: Dubiousness is still to be clarified

Categories: Clothing / Clothing

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Yellowish-green shimmering ladies’ skirt made from seven gores, densely gathered at the waistband. Front center gore divided into with a 23 cm-long slit, which closes at the waistband with two hooks. In the seam on the right there is an inner pocket. The waistband, pocket and 7.5 cm braid on the underside of the hem are made from impregnated rusty brown linen. Fully lined with yellow linen. 19th century?

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Former owner according to museum / collection



Purchase from the Dorotheum 1938-45

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Board of the Society for Folk Life and Folk Art


No decision has been reached so far.


The art or cultural object is kept in the museum/in the collection.

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