Exhibition "Inventarnummer 1938" [Inventory No. 1938]

The Technical Museum was the first museum in a German-speaking country to display a permanent exhibition on looted art and provenience research. Entitled “Inventory No 1938”, the exhibition will show day-to-day objects such as cars, furniture, cameras, typewriters and musical instruments that were seized during the Nazi era/under the Third Reich.

Since 1998, the provenance of 80,000 objects held at the Technical Museum has been examined. According to the in-house provenance researcher, Christian Klösch, over 100 items could already be identified as looted art. Several restitution cases have already been successfully concluded; in other cases the search for heirs is still ongoing. There is also a database on automobiles looted by the Nazis that enables visitors to undertake their own research on items of questionable provenance.

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