News on the Gurlitt estate

In 2012, hundreds of paintings and art objects from the collection of Cornelius Gurlitt were confiscated under suspicion of looted art.
The Gurlitt estate went to the Kunstmuseum Bern, where it was to be researched. In 2017, a special department for provenance research was established there. The department also collaborates with the "Entartete Kunst" research center at the University of Hamburg.
In the course of the extensive provenance research, a so-called "Provenienzampel" was created, which classifies the partially looted artworks according to suspicion of looted art by means of a color code.
In addition, an database of the Kunstmuseum Bern now also provides information on all the works in the Gurlitt estate. All objects are illustrated with photographs, described and provided with provenance information.
In December 2021, the Kunstmuseum Bern was able to restitute two watercolors by Otto Dix from 1922 from Gurlitt's estate to their rightful heirs.

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