Vie privée a Venise

Restitution status: Dubiousness is still to be clarified

Categories: Books and other printed items / Books

Object Data




Inventory Number

Fachbereichsbibliothek Kunstgeschichte 10744/ Ital. Vene.-026


Venise: Ferd. Ongania Èdit 1895


2nd half of the 19th Century

Provenance Data


Former owner according to museum / collection

According to the catalogue (May 1951): Dorotheum 40, (both crossed out), Reichmann 18.-


Means of acquisition not clear

Committee in charge

The Office of the Rector of the University of Vienna represented by the competent Rector/Vice Rector


No decision has been reached so far.


The art or cultural object is kept in the museum/in the collection.


handwritten Rudolf Leitner; handwritten entries on the reverse: (?) CJ, crossed out zero, 72319 It cannot be conclusively ascertained who Rudolf Leitner was, possibly Rudolf Leitner D.O.B. 14.03.1867 (ÖStA/AdR/VA Rudolf Leitner AZ 19599) or Rudolf Leitner, D.O.B. 09.08.1894 (OStA/AdR/VA Rudolf Leitner AZ 14816)

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