Erwerb und Beruf

Restitution status: Return to the heirs has occurred

Categories: Books and other printed items / Books

Object Data




Inventory Number

19373/Sign. 83 S, Fachbereichsbibliothek Wirtschaftswissenschaften


A lecture hold on 11th of March 1896 for the Viennaise juridical society


Wien 1896

Provenance Data


Former owner according to museum / collection

Georg Petschek


Means of acquisition not clear

Committee in charge

The Office of the Rector of the University of Vienna represented by the competent Rector/Vice Rector


The body in charge has decided to restore the art or cultural object to the owners or their legal successors.


The art or cultural object was restituted to the owners or their legal successors.


The volume was inventoried during the National Socialism era (NS stamp of the Institute) and is annotated with the Ex-Libris of Georg Petschek.

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