Overview according to restitution status

"Open cases" (5926 Objects)

Here you can find both objects which were indisputably seized on grounds related to National Socialism between 1933 and 1945 (e.g. acquisition via Vugesta [Gestapo Office for the Disposal of the Property of Jewish Emigrants] or Julius Fargel) and objects which were acquired between 1933 and 1945 or later, where their possible questionable nature is still to be resolved (e.g. acquisition from the Dorotheum from 1938-1945). Details

Examination completed (3504 Objects)

Here you can find the objects in the art database on which the committee in charge has decided positively (restitution) or negatively (to remain in the museum). The positive decisions are comprised of objects which have already been restituted, objects for which the former owners or their legal successors are being sought and objects which are to be handed over to the National Fund for utilization as the rightful recipients were unable to be traced. Details

Also found here are objects, the provenance of which was able to be resolved through research carried out by the museums themselves or by the Commission of Provenance Research, where it could be established that these objects were no longer considered to be of a questionable nature and need not be presented to a committee. In addition, new research results can render it necessary to resubmit a case which has already been concluded.